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Scientists argue that betting on sporting events arose simultaneously with the sport itself. There is historical evidence that the first sport to bet on was chariot racing. Even the ancient Romans did bet on gladiator fights. And in our time, horse racing cannot be considered without bets. To this day, a hippodrome is a place where big money is won and lost today.

The same can be said about boxing matches. Over time, betting on all sports has become mainstream and has grown into an industry that offers unique earning opportunities and is truly taking over the world.

Well, the popularity of cricket and different types of bets on this sport is growing every day. Watching matches on special online platforms and rooting for your favorite teams is one side of the coin, but betting and being even more passionate about the process is another.

Why bet on sports with Sona9

Technology now makes it possible to bet from the comfort of your home, and India's cricket exchange Sona9 offers a huge selection for online bettors.

  • AE Cricket
  • AE Cric Ex
  • BTI
  • SABA Sport

At the moment, these providers offer an increasing number of sports categories and outcome classes that you can bet on. Thus, modern gamblers can implement their own strategies and get access to big winnings.


The history of cricket dates back to the 16th century when a similar sport was already played in England using a ball and flat bat. As the British Empire expanded to the frontiers of the world, this discipline spread to new countries.

Cricket betting has become a multi-billion dollar business in Asia, Australia, and the UK's neighbors. The biggest markets are high-profile test matches of the national teams and T20 matches in the Indian Premier League. Around 70% of India's Safest Premium Cricket;

Exchange & betting platform Sona9 cricket bets are made live. This means that the odds change over the course of the game, depending on the events on the playing field. Therefore, it is always a good chance to risk more, but also to win more.


Sona9 Sports

Tennis is the third most popular sport in bookmakers after soccer and cricket. Live tennis betting is very popular because tennis matches are more dynamic than soccer and events change more frequently.;

Players who do not want to wait for a goal in soccer prefer to bet on the winner or a series of matches during the match. Therefore, on some days more bets are placed on tennis than on soccer or cricket.

Benefits of betting on tennis:

  • Ability to track players' fitness
  • Lots of comebacks throughout the match
  • Competition regularity

A large number of online platforms offer bets on tennis tournaments, but the majority of professional betters choose Sona9 betting portal, noting the reliability and transparency of this service.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in North America (along with baseball and hockey) and basketball bets represent a large percentage of all sports betting. North America is home not only to (and not only) the world's best basketball league, but also to the multitude of equally likely outcomes that basketball betting lines offer.

In India, this sport has more and more fans every year. This contributes to the diversity of types of bets.

There are many professional gamblers and bookmakers, most of whom play on "halfway" outcomes in order to maximize their profits in the long run. In a basketball match, you can bet on at least two equally likely possible events: handicap and total. That is why basketball has become one of the most popular objects for big bets on Sona9 sportsbook.


Today, volleyball is not yet one of the three main sports. However, he still has a lot of fans around the world. This game attracts fans with its dynamism and high tension on the court. Such interest of the players has not gone unnoticed by the bookmakers, who offer many pre-match and live events.

Volleyball betting is multifaceted and dynamic given the uniqueness and popularity of the sport itself. Volleyball is currently betting on most of the major bookmakers, and on India's Safest Premium cricket exchange & betting platform Sona9, you can find a volleyball event almost every day of the week.;

The games themselves last a maximum of two hours and may include three to five matches. This allows players to choose from a wide range of betting types and try out competitions, games, teams, and lineups.


Sona9 Sports betting

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Therefore, bets on most soccer matches take first place in the line of bookmakers' bets.

A soccer bet is a bet on a certain outcome at the end of one half or the entire match. For example, a player believes that at least three goals will be scored in a match and makes a corresponding bet at a bookmaker. If the bet is successful, the player takes his bet, and in case of failure, the bookmaker takes it.

Betting on soccer is generally beneficial for bettors as the popularity of soccer gives them access to in-depth analysis of almost every match, including rare championships. And the leading bookmakers offer low margins and a huge number of markets (up to 1000-1500) for football.


Cyber games have long been equated to sports in many countries of the world. eSports betting is an opportunity to place bets on games through licensed bookmakers. Some of the most famous esports games that players can bet on include:

  • Dota 2;
  • CS:GO;
  • League of Legends;
  • Overwatch

The principle of betting is no different from a regular sporting event. Cyber bets follow a certain pattern: two teams have three possible outcomes of the match. The world's largest bookmakers use statistics from previous matches to determine the winner according to the odds.

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Modern sport is not only the high skill of athletes, stunning results, and sporting achievements. Bettors from India and the world have become an integral part of the competitions.

If a sportsperson can fight for higher achievements and a team for a final victory over an opponent, the rivalry is based on excitement in betting. It is the primary emotion why people choose this type of entertainment. In addition, big wins often become the leitmotif of this process.

Each bettor can choose the sport of interest, which he knows a lot about, reads the news, studies analytics, and follows the statistics. At the same time, each visitor of the portal can try their hand at a more little-known sport, but with more attractive odds.